My home remedies for cold season.

I live in a place where great weather is pretty much anticipated all year long. Many people get sick during this time of the year and majority of them prefer to get their flu shots done to prevent themselves from getting sick. Well, here’s what I believe, if a person has a weak immune system regardless of the flu shots they may have, they will still get sick no matter what. The best way to avoid ourselves from getting sick is that we make sure to have plenty of rest, enough sleep and have a proper intake habits. But I’m sure many people have hard time achieving these habits because of the busy schedule, which ruins everything and we’ll be more likely to be under the weather easily. I am no exception to that. I don’t like flu shots and I prefer not to take over the counter medicines whenever I feel like I’m getting the common cold symptoms. What I usually do to fight these diseases is to take some home remedies.

photo credit to juicewithdrew on facebook

photo credit to juicewithdrew on facebook

When my families are sick I turned to my kitchen for help. 100 % raw honey, cinnamon powder and organic turmeric are the basic recipe that cures our sicknesses. I don’t use measurements at all. I just guesstimate and I mixed all the ingredients and give a tablespoon full of it to them morning and night. In no time their coughs and congestions were gone without having to take any medicines. When it comes to sinus congestions and sore throats, I use salt and baking soda and mix it to lukewarm water then gurgle it or use it as my saline drops. I must say, it is very effective. I hope this will help you as well. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my articles.

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Water Quality Matters Beyond The Kitchen Sink

Have you ever noticed a weird smell or a dark color in your water coming out of your faucet? Does your water have a bad taste to it? If so, you may have a water quality problem. These issues are common in older homes or homes that get their water supplies from wells and/or ponds.

Image credit to gilmanheatingandcooling dot com

Image credit to gilmanheatingandcooling dot com

With these types of issues, you may want to contact a professional to inspect your water quality. Some reasons behind these issues may be the following: hard water, iron and manganese, hydrogen sulfide, the bad taste and smell, sediment, lead and bacteria (shudder).

If you have hard water, you will want to use a water softener. Hard water can cause damage to your pipes as well as slow-running water. That can be so frustrating! If your water has a metallic taste or has a brown color to it, you may have an iron and manganese problem. This may also cause cloudy water or rust stains. We all know how bad rotten eggs smell. You may experience that smell if you have a hydrogen sulfide problem. If you are experiencing those issues, I recommend calling a professional.

In the meantime, water filters for your faucets are a great idea! Most people put them on their kitchen sink faucets, but you can also put them on bathroom faucets if you drink a glass of water before bed. Do not only focus on the main level of your home! If you have an upstairs level, determine which faucets you would like a filter on. Also, if you have a basement you will want to be extra cautious with the water down there as well if you have access to water there. Having a water filter on a faucet down in the basement is very convenient. If you spend a lot of time in your basement, it is probably very frustrating to have to go to a higher level in the home to get purified water for any reason. Having a filter there will make things a lot easier!

Water issues are common and usually an easy fix. If you are concerned about your water quality, call your local plumbing company and schedule a home visit. They can point you in the right direction!

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A Breath Of Fresh (Indoor) Air!

Don’t you like stepping outside and getting a nice big breath of fresh air? I think we all do! Wouldn’t it be nice to have that same fresh air inside of your home as well? We may not realize it, but many of us have indoor air pollution. Yes, that is a real thing, and a real problem! Keeping a healthy lifestyle does not stop outdoors or at the gym; you want to stay healthy indoors as well.

(Image credit to yahoo image search engine)

(Image credit to yahoo image search engine)

Indoor air pollution can damage your lungs and the overall quality of your health. These pesky pollutants can include mold, pet dander which is very common, dust, pollen, smoke, household chemicals and more. One thing you should try to do, if the weather is permitting, is open your windows at least three times a week to get the dust out and bring some fresh air in.

Unfortunately, when indoor air pollution hits you it may feel like the common cold. For example, pet dander can cause sneezing, coughing, a runny nose, chest tightness, itching eyes, rashes, etc. Your symptoms will be worse if you already have respiratory issues such as asthma.

(Image credit to yahoo image search)

(Image credit to yahoo image search)

In addition to opening your windows often, you can also schedule a visit from your local heating, ventilation and air conditioning company. They can come check out your HVAC system and make sure that it has been well maintained and has all of the devices and add-ons that are needed in order to filter your air and improve your indoor air quality.

You should also keep in mind that dry air can also be a problem. Especially during the winter season, the air will be extremely dry which can cause sinus issues. If you experience dry air in your home, consider getting a humidifier. One benefit to using a humidifier is that it keeps the air moist, causing the air to be a bit warmer so you do not have to turn up your heat as high. That means you are saving money and saving yourself from experiencing some nasty cold and flu-like symptoms!

Do you have your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system checked and maintained as needed? Can you feel a difference after a “tune-up” is completed? A lot of companies will offer a free on-site evaluation of your air quality and they will let you know what they find. I recommend you take advantage of that service!

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Our trip to Long Beach California

As much as we can we take our children somewhere during their vacation. We make sure that their vacation is something memorable. We love to make good memories by visiting places. Two days before our children going back to school from their 2 weeks vacation, my husband and I decided to take a day off together to spend a day in Long Beach California. It is 2 hours drive from San Diego and we heard so many good things about this place plus the Queen Marry Ship is also found in this city is something that we’ve been looking forward to visiting. Unfortunately the tickets were sold out at the time, so we weren’t able to tour inside the ship. Instead we wandered downtown and searched for those tourist spots the City is bragging about.

Walter Pyramid

Walter Pyramid

Naples Island

Naples Island



Queen Mary

Queen Mary Ship

It was a fun day for our family; we even took a boat ride to see the city from the ocean. We checked out the walter pyramid, La Bella Fontana di Napoli or Naples fountain, Naples Island and of course the popular tourist spot the Shoreline Village where lighthouse can be found and the Queen Marry Ship. We planned on going somewhere else within the State still and of course I will share it here too.

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Sully Series Cherry and Maple JORD Wood Watch Review

Wood Watch

Hey! How was everyone been doing lately? As for my family and me, we are enjoying every bit of our summer especially now that our two adorable children are on their 5 weeks vacation from school. We visited theme parks such us LEGOLAND and water parks. Kids love water and who wouldn’t anyway? LOL! We love to create memories. Despite my busy schedule offline from juggling between work and taking care of my family, I still managed to update my blog and write some product reviews occasionally.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 11.08.22 AM

Just recently I was contacted by JORD Wood Watches Company for a possible collaboration. They offered me one of their spring/summer watch collections for product review, I checked on their website and I was stunned at how unique their products were. I have never seen wood watches like theirs that is very trendy and well designed timepiece. With that in mind, I undoubtedly accepted their offer. I ordered the Sully Series Cherry and Maple ($139) Wooden Wristwatch. The PR representative was so nice enough to offer me to adjust the wrist size of the watch that way I can readily wear it as soon as I received it. Seeing the product on hand was beyond amazing. I love how sophisticated my wood watch is and I wouldn’t have thought that this watch is much lighter in weight had I not seen it in person. The detail/pattern and colors of the wood make it look classier, which adds uniqueness to the wristwatch. It looked like a big watch for my wrist but I was fooled by how light it was. By the way, big watch has becoming popular these days; I see a lot of females wearing it. One of the best craftsmanship I have ever owned.

11403090_870072586410883_5067560832948278936_n (1)

I love my new watch and I think this would be a wonderful gift that anyone can have from his or her loved ones and suitable for all occasions too. I posted it on my Facebook and I received a lot of compliments from it. My sister wants one; she said she loves everything about it. It’s perfect for everyday activities.


Deployment Buckle with Push Button
Stratch Resistant Mineral
Citizen Miyota Quartz Movement (2035)
Case Width: 49mm
Case Thickness: 12mm
Lug Ends: 56mm
Band Length: 214mm
Band Thickness: 25mm

Disclaimer – Product(s) received for FREE, contents are 100% mine and I am not paid to give my honest opinion…

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Where Can You Find the Best Breast Pumps?

If you are planning on breast feeding your baby, you should make sure to invest in a breast pump. You will need to use a breast pump so you can pump your breasts and fill up some bottles with your milk. This will free you up in case you need to run to the store or go for your doctor’s appointment.  No matter how much you want to be with your baby 24/7 you are going to need a break eventually.

I had similar to this that I used for my newborn. ~ Image credit to google

I had similar to this that I used for my newborn. ~ Image credit to google

Next comes the task of looking through all of the different breast pumps that are on the market to find the one that is best for you and your lifestyle. You have your choice of an automatic pump, electric-powered pump, battery-operated pump, manual pump, and hospital grade breast pump. You can buy one outright or you can rent one from a medical supply company.

With so many options available to you, how do you find which ones are the best breast pumps? Here are some tips to help you out.

  •  Ask your doctor. He or she may be able to suggest some breast pumps based on which ones their patients have come to love.
  • Check with the local La Leche League. This group should be able to help you in a big way. As a group that is all about breastfeeding they should be aware of the newest models as well as the best models that are on the market. They can tell you which ones work best and which ones may be a waste of money.
  • Do an Internet search. This will be one time you will want to see the ads so you can find out about the different styles that are available.
  • Ask your friends who breastfed to see which ones they were happy with and which ones they didn’t care for. It isn’t a matter of the most expensive products being the best ones to buy anymore.
  • Go online to a mothers group and check out the breastfeeding blog. Here is where you will get tons of information not only on which brands are the best but where the best place to buy a breast pump is.
  • Once you find a breast pump that you really like, go to Amazon online and find the model you wish to buy. Now read all of the reviews, good and bad, so you are aware of any potential problems. There is always a company that will put out a product line where one of them is a lemon. But if you find people saying the same thing over and over, it is probably true. You may even pick up a model that you hadn’t even heard of before.
  • Check with your health insurance company. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, it is possible to rent a hospital-grade breast pump from a medical supply company in your area. Give them a call to find the closest one to you.
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Observe and learn!

My “almost” 6-year-old daughter is so eager to learn anything especially doing house chores. She observes us when we do our chores and would ask us if we need some help. As parents it is important for us to instill our kids some values and not only that they need to learn to be independent for their own benefits.

Washing dirty dishes

Washing dirty dishes

Teaching then while they’re young would be a great idea because the willingness to learn is there and they are like sponges that can take in knowledge being imparted in them. I saw my daughter’s look on her face when she had accomplished something. It was priceless. She looked so proud that she was able to contribute in cleaning our home and fixing our lunch.

Cooking rice

Cooking rice

She knows how to wash dishes now using her hands and I also taught her how to cook rice and she did excellent. We are so proud of her. She anxiously narrated her accomplishment to her dad and got a pat on her back. She loves cooking too, which I think she got that talent from her daddy.

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PUR Ultimate water filter review

Drinking tap water is what I’m used to back in the Philippines but that all changed as I migrated here in America. Tap water here in the southern part of California taste different than what I’ve used to. I think it taste rusty and weird, so since then I drink filtered or bottled water from the store.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 1.09.57 PM

Hate the mercury taste of your tap water? Switch to PUR water filtration today!

Just recently I am fortunate enough to be able to get a sample of water filtration products from PUR. They sent me a PUR Ultimate 11 Cup Pitcher with LED for product review and boy was I ecstatic and anxious to try it. Basically, I followed the instructions on how to prepare it and it was easy. Tasting our tap water using this pitcher was amazing and life changing. It did filtered most of the rusty taste and it taste really refreshing. What’s great about this product is that it removes 95% of the mercury taste to it and it reduces the color of the chlorine in it. The built in LED light is very cool, this will tell us when do we need to change the filter for great healthy water results. I think this product is very innovative and unique. I highly recommend it to all my family and friends out there.

Image credit to PUR website

Image credit to PUR website


The PUR® Ultimate 11-Cup Water Pitcher also offers these great benefits:

  • Keep track of your filter life with a built-in Electronic Filter Life Indicator. The indicator flashes green, yellow or red so you’ll always know when it’s time for a replacement filter
  • Water Pitcher holds eleven 8 oz glasses of water
  • Comfort-grip handle
  • Easy-fill lid is thumb activated for simplicity
  • Pour spout cover prevents odors and particulates from getting into your clean water
  • Space-saving design fits easily in a refrigerator. Slim enough to fit easily in most refrigerator doors
  • Water Pitcher filter provides up to 40 gallons of clean water
  • BPA free
  • All PUR pitchers and filters are recyclable

I don’t have to worry about running out of bottled water this time because I can now drink water from our tap water. Not only did I save time and money from getting store bought water, I can assure that I’m drinking clean, healthy and great-tasting tap water too.

Disclaimer – Product(s) received for FREE, contents are 100% mine and I am not paid to give my honest opinion…

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How to feel more confident about your body

For some of us, no matter how hard we try through diet and exercise, we just can’t get the body we want. Nowadays, people can take advantage of a variety of cosmetic surgery treatments, such as tummy tucks and full body contours, to help improve their bodies and their confidence.

Smile surgical procedures/image credit to BellaVou

However you choose to get your body worries under control, having the right attitude can help to make the situation easier. Cosmetic surgery and body confidence specialists Bella Vou outline some simple tips that can help you to change your mental attitude towards your body:

Face surgical procedures

Face surgical procedures/image credit to BellaVou

1. Take pride in what your body can do

The first and most important step to feeling body confident is to accept your body. You will become stronger mentally and physically as you learn to appreciate your physical abilities. Whether your body makes you a great runner, helps you to lift up your children or can twist itself into different yoga positions, appreciating your body for what it does for you can help you to become more accepting of it.

2.      Stop the comparisons

One of the most challenging obstacles you will face in becoming body confident is trying to avoid comparing yourself to models or other people. Struggling to lose weight? Who cares?! Comparing yourself to others makes it very difficult to appreciate the health gains you’ve made and how strong you really are – whether you are able to lose weight or not.

3.      Stop putting yourself down

When you have a negative thought about the way you look, we recommend responding by doing something that makes you feel better, like talking with a loved one on the phone, going for a walk outside or meditating. As you answer those negative thoughts with positive ones, the positive can beat out your negative mentality.

4.      Surround yourself with positive people

Surrounding yourself with positive friends and family members who can recognise all the hard work you put into your body can help to effectively reinforce all of the amazing progress you’ve made. This is especially helpful when you aren’t able to see for yourself how great your body is and how good you look.

As you make a positive mental shift, your body confidence will grow and as a result you will be a happier person. These simple tips can change your life, so what are you waiting for?! Be happy today and feel confident in the way you look.

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I love my daughter’s hair and she loves hairstyles too. I found many different ways of how to beautify her hair. I curled her hair using tinfoil and flat iron to give the best result of curls and you can see it in this picture. She loves it and she got compliments from it. I have curl iron but its not doing great job and the curl doesn’t last too. But with tinfoil it can lasts up to 24 hours or so depending on how stubborn your hair is LOL.

Perfect curl using tinfoil and flat iron.

Perfect curl using tinfoil and flat iron.

I also found a video on Facebook about this hairstyle called Pull Through Braid, it looks easy to make and better than the regular braid, which I admittedly I’m not good at. I occasionally braid my daughter’s hair on a school morning, most of the time it doesn’t look tidy. I just need to keep practicing to make it look perfect. Anyway, here’s the finale of my Pull Through Braid, it looks nice I just need to add some accessories to it to make it look even more appealing. You can find these on YouTube, just search for it.

Pull Through Braid done with elastics.

Pull Through Braid done with elastics.

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