Looking Good and Feeling Great

Research shows that at least 80% of adult women are unhappy with the image they see in the mirror. There are various factors that contribute to their dissatisfaction, with hair loss or displeasure with some aspect of their hair being one of the causes. Changing hairstyles is one of the easiest image related alterations a woman can make.

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Having said that, changing hairstyles is not as simple as changing shoes or wardrobe style. It may be that hair loss is an influential factor in the type of hair style you can wear. Possibly, your hairstyle hasn’t changed in many years, and taking the leap to a new style actually frightens you. The simple, stress-free solution to procrastinating over a new hairstyle is to explore options such as Christie Brinkley wigs. You can find a wig that is closely related to your current hair color, in a style that appeals to you and enjoy the amazing transformation.

Been wanting to try wigs :)

Been wanting to try wigs :)

Wigs are not just for women who are experiencing hair loss. Wigs can be worn a fashion statement that enables you to become a trend-setter or as an accessory that gives you the opportunity to express your individual personality. Have you ever declined a last minute invitation because you didn’t have time to wash, dry and style your hair? Having a wig on hand would prevent you from missing out on spontaneous adventures. Wigs and hair extensions give you a chance to quickly and easily change your hairstyle so that it matches your mood.

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Add Some Sparkle with Cubic Zirconia

Diamonds are most definitely not the budget-minded girl’s best friend. On the contrary, diamonds can be quite expensive, so unless you receive them as a gift, chances are they might be out of your price range. Cubic zirconia, on the other hand, is quite affordable. Cubic zirconia is a synthetic jewel, a crystalline by-product of zirconium dioxide. It is deliberately designed to mimic the physical attributes of diamonds. Some cubic zirconias are quite adept at passing as diamonds – so much that even trained gemologists may need to take a closer look in order to tell the difference. Jewelers often purchase loose cubic zirconia from the labs that grow them, and from there they will cut and polish them to specific sizes and styles, and then place them in settings for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more.

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If you choose to go with cubic zirconia, you’ll be able to enjoy the flash and glam of a jewel that looks a lot like a diamond. However, take care with these imitations, because while they look like diamonds, they don’t have the same durability of them. On the Mohs’ Hardness Scale, diamonds receive a 10 out of 10. Cubic zirconia, on the other hand, rate at 8.5 or perhaps 9. And, you should also keep in mind that while diamonds are stronger than cubic zirconia, they also weigh less. The synthetic cubic zirconia is heavier, so you’ll want to choose gem sizes according to your comfort level.

Just gorgeous!!!

Just gorgeous!!!

Just as diamonds are naturally found in many different hues, cubic zirconia is also available in more than just varying shades of translucent colors. In fact, since cubic zirconia is lab-grown, scientists can create a whole rainbow of hues with them, with varying levels of color intensity. So if you should visit a jeweler but find yourself disappointed at the lack of color offerings, don’t despair – simply check around with other jewelers who are bound to have more colors.

Once upon a time diamond jewelry was a must-have for any woman, simply because that’s all there was to choose from in terms of gorgeous, eye-catching gems. But today, one needn’t break the bank in order to add some sparkle – simply shop for the much more affordably priced cubic zirconia.

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Elite Dating Services Offer Benefits Over Online Dating Website

Matchmakers have been around for years, and can be traced back to the tradition of arranged marriages in the South Asian society in 500 BC. So when the internet burst onto the scene it was only natural for an abundance of online dating sites to popup. These sites allow you to search through their member lists and contact them through the site if preferred. Unfortunately, these generic dating sites are less than desirable and allow anyone who is willing to pay their fee to join the site. In addition, you are left to your own accord to search through the list of potentially thousands of members, trying to choose that special one from ridiculous answers to ludicrous questions. Instead of wasting time and money on these practically useless sites, consider an elite dating service that is run by a professional matchmaker and relationship coach.

A hectic schedule can damper anyone’s social life, and when you do have a bit of free time, do you really want to spend hours searching through a member database and sending the same boilerplate message through the site just trying to find someone who might be compatible. The personal matchmaker takes care of all the details for you.

Online dating websites don’t vet their members and instead allows anyone to sign up. With elite NY dating services, every potential member is personally interviewed and an extensive background check is preformed. Potential members must pass the criteria before they are admitted into the dating club. This allows you to pursue a romantic relationship without worrying about safety.

The professional matchmaker determines the ideal match for you based on a full assessment of the person’s personality traits, background, characteristics and other factors. This leads to better results than those from a generic dating website.

Most of the time, the people on online dating sites are not actually serious about finding a meaningful relationship that could lead to marriage. They are merely looking for fun or someone to pass the time with. Professional matchmaking services screen potential clients for relationship goals and emotional availability, which mean you will be pared with like-minded individuals who are serious about love.

While the initial cost of a professional matchmaker is higher than generic dating sites, the investment actually more cost effective. People who pursue online dating typically become a member of multiple dating sites, which means multiple membership fees for a service that provides you with nothing more than a list of people in your area. An elite dating club gives its members a full-service experience and works hard to find their members their perfect match.

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Photographs are the small reminders of who we are

How many times have you seen in movies, different bedrooms and living rooms filled with framed pictures. Those photographs were shown, in order to introduce the viewer to the life of the hero.  Seeing a photograph of a man and his dog, taken by some New York photographer in the Central Park of the city, makes you understand things about the man’s personality and not only. It is a trick used in movies that has real life roots. Sometimes only looking at the person is not enough, you need to add him on Facebook and see some pictures. Let’s agree, that’s why we add people we meet first time in life on different social networks. We do not only want to keep in touch with them, we want to stalk them and judge their pictures.


When you enter someone’s house and you see photographs in beautiful frames looking like paintings it gives you some kind of impression on how’s the life for the people portrayed in those photos.

It’s an amazing thing to have photographs all around your house. These frames with pictures give an incredible sense of comfort to the house. Even if you’re a stranger, entering it for the first time, you instantly can feel that warm that the photographs emit. That’s what family and friends photographs bring into a room. It’s the warmth and the soul peace that unifies a family and creates friendships.


A black and white photograph of a couple hugging each other looks always so classy and at the same time so “comfy” in someone’s apartment. I simply adore seeing photographs around people’s houses. Many families have this special wall that’s meant only for the family and friends pictures. You can see there everything, starting with romantic wedding photographs and ending up with images of kids playing in the mud, trips to Guatemala and silly selfies.

Photographs are the small reminders of who we are and how is our life. Having such reminders in your house, in your bedroom, on the coffee table, on your computer wallpaper and in your office is simply heartwarming.

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The Many Facets of Sheer Curtain Panels

Sheer curtains are common sights in homes for affluent, middle class and low income families. You may ask why. These curtain panels are multifaceted. They are adorned to cover an ugly window or put on top of a heavy drape to give a dramatic effect to the room. Their presence in your home is appreciated as they are less expensive compared to heavy curtains.

Most homemakers cannot avoid decorating their windows with sheer curtains as they allow the breeze to cool the room on a sizzling afternoon while you are playing video games. You don’t have to turn on the lights while watching television as their translucent fabric allows the light to pass through it. The sheer curtain panels are sought after by most solo dwellers.

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Installing them over heavier drapes or layered sheers is so easy and it takes only a few minutes to insert them to the curtain rod. Women found them as a practical option when they want to have their homes look trendy. Since they are cheaper than other type of curtains, homemakers can buy as many dozens of sheer curtains as they wish.

Instead of buying those flamboyant curtains with price ranges from over $30 to $250, the sheer curtain panels can be bought below $30 or so. So this means, you can have as many curtains as you want to be switched out with another color motif depending on the occasion say for example holidays, summer or winter.

The price of curtain panels in sheer cloth is reasonable for budget conscious individuals. Some customers hang them not only for the windows but as coverings for a wall with faded paint. Since they fit to any size of windows, they can be hung in the den, kitchen or in the dining area or as a divider. Interior designers are all praises about sheer curtain panels and they usually recommend them to their clients because of their practicality and functionality.

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Phone, upgraded!

My husband and I went to our phone provider to cancel the 3rd phone number that we have. We don’t use the 3rd phone; we kept it for a few years unused. We were advised to wait until the contract expires otherwise they’ll charge us for the cancellation fee, which would cost us $300 and there’s no way we want to pay for that much. Anyway, the contract expired on March first and we went ahead to take care of it this morning. While we were at the store, my husband convinced me to upgrade my iPhone4 into an iPhone 5s, after all the discussion we’ve had, I finally decided to go for it since my old phone is already up for an upgrade. I’m happy decision and I don’t have to worry about the storage capacity of my phone. I love my new phone especially the picture resolution, so awesome!


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Choosig the Shoe That’s Right for You

Today’s selection of shoes for men, women and children can provide shoppers with hundreds of different options. However, not all options are right for all feet. In order to find the top comfortable shoes for women, you will want to understand how your shoes can best work for the type of activity you will be doing.

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For women who are very active, athletic shoes will provide the most comfort for walking, running and other forms or exercising. These types of shoe can also be worn for everyday errands, such as going to the grocery store or to the park with your kids.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 1.03.01 PM

For a more glamorous look, women often choose high heels for their night out on the town. While these shoes can look stunning, they may not be a comfortable an option. Instead of stilettos, women can still choose a very beautiful low heel shoe or ballet flat to coordinate with any evening or formal attire. Even wedges are a better option for women when it comes to maximum comfort with more attractive shoes.

No matter what type of shoe you choose, fit is also going to play a huge factor in the level of comfort you receive while wearing them. If you do not know your exact shoe size, get them measured for length and width so you will know what shoes size will work with your feet, not against them.

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I love aeropostale, do you?


I’m sure you will say “yes”. Who doesn’t love brand clothes these days especially when they are so affordable. Honestly, I rarely shop brand names stuff because what comes to mind when I hear about it is that they are very expensive despite it’s quality. Many of us are very practical when it comes to shopping, we all want affordable and sometimes we don’t even care for the brand names anymore as long as it suits our taste and budget. Anyway, while I was wandering at the outlet mall I happened to check on the aeropostale clothing store. I was surprise seeing the price, less than $5 is not bad at all. I grabbed the opportunity knowing that I can save a lot. I bought some for kids, hubby and myself; I also got some for my family back home. Great savings indeed!

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Durable Cargo Pants for Women

Cargo pants have added another dimension to the functional design of fashion in recent years. These multi-pocketed pants have manifested into a wide array of textures from cotton twill to denim. However, in many cases, these various types of cargo pants available on the market have been made with a man’s body in mind.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.47.15 PM
Dickies is one company that has introduced cargo pants for women. With its relaxed fit cargo pants, Dickies offers women relaxed fit, straight leg cargo pants that have multi-use side pockets and bellowed cargo pockets that come with hook and loop closures. The women’s relaxed fit cargo pants come in four different colors, including black and an earth tone. These cargo pants are designed for women but with durability and comfort in mind. Other variations of cargo pants and work pants exist for women in variety of colors and textures.

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While cargo pants make for a great set of work pants, women can utilize cargo pants for work or almost any other activity. The relaxed fit design makes utilizing cargo pants a comfortable fit for hiking, camping or just about any kind of outdoor adventure. Even if it is nothing more than just a set of weekend pants for venturing out to the local farmers’ market or spending the day in the backyard gardening, these cargo pants are definitely worth a look.

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Back to Eskinol


I need some serious facial care and cleaning because for some reason I’m getting a lot of pimple these days. Maybe it has a lot to do with sleeping so late. I get huge pimple and it looks ugly after I pricked on it trying to get the white stuff out. I know we’re not supposed to touch our pimple but I just can’t help it. My husband bought me proactiv and I used it for couple of months but since it’s a little expensive to buy the box I opted it to eskinol. It seems to work though. It cleanses my face and dries up my pimple too. I’m using some facial scrubs, toner and cream to heal the acne. I hope I’m doing it right because I hate seeing my face with lots of acne all over my face.

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