6 Tips on How to Get Out of a Fashion Rut

Fashion and style are the expression of a person’s personality, interests and ambitions. Having a great style means that a person is confident and ready for the next obstacle that may come her way. Great style, however, takes effort and inspiration. Everyone who wants to look their best every day will put some time into creating the perfect outfits. Because it takes effort and inspiration, many people can find themselves slipping into a fashion rut from time to time. They feel like they are wearing the same tired looks every day and do not feel as confident in the outfits that they put together. This is an unfortunate occurrence that no one should have to deal with for long. Everyone should feel comfortable and confident in every outfit that they put on. Here are six tips on how to get out of a fashion rut.

Watch a modern TV show for inspiration

TV shows and movies can be the perfect way to find new outfit ideas and stylish new ways to spice up a wardrobe. Finding a modern TV show to watch with Texas TV service from Direct TV can be a great way to find out what new styles are popular today and how everyday people can pull them off.

Change one piece of the normal outfits

Many people think that when they are in a style rut, they need to throw away their entire current wardrobe and start from scratch. Instead of wasting all their money on a new wardrobe, people can instead try to switch out one piece in all of their normal go-to outfits to make it look completely different. For example, women can wear heels with a traditional work outfit instead of flats.

Try a daring new color

This time of year is the perfect time for people to try a great new color that they may have been afraid to wear before. For example, instead of wearing an all black outfit, people can try wearing all white instead. These daring looks are sure to impress everyone and add new life to a dull wardrobe.

Only buy what you really love

Many people will try to buy some really trendy items when they are in a fashion rut, but will end up feeling unlike themselves when wearing those items. Everyone should think about what they are buying when looking into new trends. No matter if it is trendy or not, no one should buy something that they do not truly love.

Comb through Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great way to find new inspiration. However, many people make a Pinterest board full of outfits that they love but do not every look at those pins seriously. Going through Pinterest and actually choosing a few outfits to replicate can help anyone make a new wardrobe quickly.

Mix up typical outfits

There are a lot of ways that people can mix their normal outfits to make them look new again. Taking two outfits and switching a few of the pieces is the easiest way to break the fashion rut and make something new and beautiful.

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Infographic: Social Work Career

Receiving an advanced degree in Social Work can lead to many exciting career opportunities. The skills you will learn will prepare you for many situations in the business world which include human relationship navigation, problem-solving, project development, and cultural insights, to name a few. Your work environment could range from your typical business office to schools, government agencies, non-profit agencies, and private agencies.

The infographic below describes in detail the different paths you could take with a social work degree as well as the possible types of projects involved and average pay rate for each one.

Online Social Work Degree at Case Western Reserve University

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A beautiful rainbow!

It was one cloudy afternoon when my kids, husband and I wandered downtown San Diego for our family bonding when we saw this bright and colorful rainbow. It was the most amazing sight I have ever seen at the time. The rainbow blanketed the entire view of seaport village and it was just awesome. Everyone was taking pictures of himself or herself and the rainbow was their background. We took advantage of the opportunity and got snapshots of it too. I even took a video of it. It was a very rare seen for me and it appeared to have double rainbow too. That really made my day and it was worth reminiscing for.


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Must-Have Items for Your Car: Emergency Supplies for All Weather Crises

Maintain Vehicles Year-Round

 Inclement weather can occur in any season, leading to dangerous situations while traveling in a vehicle. Drivers should prepare by having emergency supplies in their vehicles for short or long trips. Planning ahead of time can prevent life threatening health hazards on broiling hot summer days or during extreme snow blizzards in the winter. Maintain all your vehicles by making sure tires are inflated properly, belts are in excellent condition and the gas tank is full.

One: Flashlight and Batteries

Drivers and passengers need a source of light when a vehicle breaks down on the road at night or during a heavy rainstorm. Keeping a flashlight in a quick to access location such as a glove compartment is vital for several reasons. You may need to leave a vehicle that is sitting in the middle of the road quickly to get into a ditch when a tornado is on its way. Remaining in an unlit vehicle that is stuck in snow is deadly as other drivers are unable to see you. If you do not have a wind up flashlight, then also have fresh batteries available.

Two: Water and Food

Everyone should keep jugs of water inside a vehicle in case of an overheating engine, but this item can also save lives during weather emergencies while on the road. Imagine driving on a sweltering hot day on a country road and having a tornado zip through, leaving trees and power lines knocked down. If you have to walk for several miles for assistance without water, then this is a dangerous situation. At the same time, keeping a few nonperishable foods such as energy bars in a glove compartment is also essential.

Three: Blanket and Tarp

Keeping a waterproof tarp and warm blanket in a vehicle can provide protection inside a vehicle during a cold ice storm. A waterproof tarp is a good item to have to cover a vehicle to prevent broken windows from flying debris throughout a hurricane. When there is a tornado warning, you should park your vehicle and go into a nearby ditch to avoid danger. A waterproof tarp or blanket can protect you from becoming soaked with rain or cut with sharp particles of glass. If you are in a vehicle accident, covering an injured person with a blanket can help to prevent shock reactions from occurring.

Four: Snow and Ice Removal Tools

A driver should have snow and ice removal tools inside their vehicles at all times throughout the winter. Have several ice scraper tools made with short or long handles available in case one breaks. Buy spray deicer products to melt thick ice quickly that builds up on windows or locks. In addition to having a snow shovel at home, keep another one in a vehicle to remove large amounts of snow from under tires. Make sure that the windshield wiper blades on a vehicle are in good condition and working properly.

Travel with a Fully Charged Cellphone

Fortunately, communicating anywhere is easy by having a cellphone that is constantly charged in your vehicle. Before leaving home when bad weather is possible, discuss your travel plans with family or friends. This means that someone knows your driving route and time of arrival, leading to them notifying authorities if you are missing.


This contribution comes from KJ’s superstores. KJ’s helps travelers and vacationers with the supplies they need while on the road. Visit any one of their locations in Jackson, Logan, or Nampa, Idaho.

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Getting Familiar with Your Outdoor Lighting Options

Exterior lighting does not only add beauty to your landscaping; it increases security, as well. Whether your goal is to make sure you can walk safely to the door when you arrive home late, or bring your backyard to life at night for all your gatherings with friends and family, there is a lighting solution that is designed just for you. Getting familiar with your options will help you choose lighting that is most appropriate for your outdoor space and personal needs.

  • Flood Lights – Ideal for an entry, dark garage door, or stairway, flood lights really illuminate the area and increase safety. They should be positioned about 9 feet from the ground. Timers and motion sensors are options on them, too.
  • Path Lights – As their name implies, path lights should be placed along walkways. If you plan on putting a couple hammocks under that big shade tree out back, use these lights to create a path out there so you can go gaze at the starts after the kids go to sleep. If you do not have any hammocks yet, you don’t know what you are missing. You can find them online at websites like SoothingCompany.com, and you will have the best nap of your life out there. You don’t even need two perfectly spaced trees. Many today have their own stand.
  • Post Lights – Classic lantern-like post lights are welcoming and create the perfect atmosphere. These lights are ideal along driveways and around pools.
  • Deck Lights – Deck lighting is surprisingly easy to install. It gets mounted right in your deck to illuminate stairs, railings and benches. Flush-mounted ones are also available that can actually be walked on without causing any damage.
  • Spot and Well Lights – These handy lights get installed around trees, shrubs, flowers, and ponds to highlight them at night. Don’t let the beauty of your landscaping fade into the night. These lights ensure the hard work provided by your green thumb can be appreciated all the time. They also give your landscaping a sense of depth. Weather-sealed ones cost a little more but they last significantly longer, which makes them well worth the expense
  • Decorative Lights – These are the finishing touches that make your property really special. From pagoda-shaped walkway lights to stargazing balls to solar string lights around the railing of your deck, there are countless options available to complement your outdoor living space beautifully.
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Bedtime regimens

These are the things I put on before bedtime. Aging isn’t fun at all because it’s not only numbers involved but it also about health deterioration. I’m only in my mid 30’s but I’m feeling some of the aches and pains older people may have felt. Ugh! Inflammations causes these aches and I’m doing my best to find relief using home remedies because I don’t want to be depending on painkillers. Here are some of my lubricants I use for my pains, it somehow eases my pain and makes me relax and fall asleep. Does your upper shoulder hurt too, or at the back of your neck? What do you do with it? You can share some input and I will really appreciate it a lot.


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What causes hair loss?

While it may be common, hair loss can be extremely distressing, especially if it is unexplained or sudden. There are several types of hair loss, each with different causes. The good news is, there are plenty of effective treatments available to prevent, or even reverse, balding. Finasteride, commonly sold as the branded version Propecia, is one of the most popular methods of prescription treatments. Identifying the cause of your condition can help you to determine the most appropriate form of treatment. Here’s some of the most common causes of hair loss and thinning:

 Genetic predisposition

 Male pattern baldness is a genetic disorder that is related to male sex hormones. The pattern of balding occurs when certain hair follicles become overly sensitive to a type of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Over time, this causes the follicles to shrink and eventually die, preventing future hair growth. The reaction also reduces the lifespan of the follicles, meaning that hair is lost at a more rapid rate. The treatment prescribed for male pattern baldness works by suppressing the effects of DHT, allowing the hairs to regrow. While male pattern baldness is hereditary, it is still unclear as to whether this is the case for female pattern baldness.

Some people may also be genetically predisposed to alopecia areata, a condition that is characterized by bald patches. If a member of your family has an autoimmune disorder, you may also be more susceptible to the condition. Alopecia areata is also more common among individuals with the genetic condition Down Syndrome.

 Side effects from medical treatments

Intensive treatments, such as chemotherapy, can also result in temporary hair loss, known as anagen effluvium. Other treatments for cancer, such as immunotherapy and radiotherapy, can also lead to hair loss. A severe operation or bacterial infection can also trigger balding, as can certain medicines, such as beta-blockers or anticoagulants.


Alopecia areata can be caused when the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles rather than the infection. Although the exact reasons as to why this happens remains unknown, the follicles are not permanently damaged and the hair will usually regrow after time. It is also common for alopecia areata to affect individuals who have an autoimmune condition, including thyroid disease and diabetes.

Hormonal imbalance

Telogen effluvium, a form of temporary hair loss that involves widespread shedding or thinning, can be triggered by drastic hormonal changes, such as those that occur during pregnancy. The menopause can also cause a woman’s hormone levels to drop, increasing the risk of developing female pattern baldness.

Other factors

Baldness can also be triggered by emotional stress, crash dieting or your body experiencing shock or trauma.

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Cover Your Hair Review

It’s wintertime! Have you gotten your winter collections yet to keep you nice and warm during this cold season? I bet you would want to wear something trendy, fashionable and at the same affordable. I want to share with you this website called Cover Your Hair.com, they have a wide selection of stylish winter accessories that are very inexpensive for babies, children and women. When it comes to quality of their products, it’s proven that they have excellent merchandise because I recently received items from them. Their PR contacted me to review two of their products and I selected this beautiful zig zag infinity scarf for myself because I really love the pattern and the color combinations of it and a visor beanie hat for my daughter because she loved warm looks of it. I received the items a week later after I sent my orders. As I had mentioned above, I am happy and satisfied with the quality of their products and I highly recommend it to my friends and family and YOU. It is actually the best online store to order for your winter warmers and head/hair covering accessories. The items I picked are available in different colors too.

Zig Zag Infinity Scarf  - SALE: $11.49

Zig Zag Infinity Scarf – SALE: $11.49

Kids Visor Beanie Hat - SALE: $13.49

Kids Visor Beanie Hat – SALE: $13.49

Ordering and navigating on their website is so easy and their customer service is rated excellent. Since many of you would like to save some money in shopping for this holiday season, CoverYourHair.com is offering a special holiday coupon, you can avail a 20% off discount using this codeblogdec31” the expiration would be on January 01, 2015. Hurry and place your orders now! Don’t forget to relay the message to your friends and family too. You can follow them on Facebook and on Twitter for more updates of their newest collections.

Disclaimer – Product(s) received for FREE, contents are 100% mine and I am not paid to give my honest opinion…

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How to Find New Fashion Inspiration



The world of fashion is ever changing. Every day, every person has the opportunity to change their look completely and start out new. Men and women alike can express how they are feeling and what they hope to gain from each new day with a simple change in wardrobe. Fashion’s versatility and personal expression is what makes it so popular, because anyone can create a unique look that includes everything that they love in fashion.

However, fashion is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Some people need some help finding out what looks good together and what pieces they will actually enjoy wearing. Additionally, everyone can get stuck in a creative rut and need a little help finding new fashion inspiration. Luckily, there are a lot of places all around us to find inspiration for a new outfit. Here are some ways that anyone can find inspiration for their fashion.

Go to a busy street in the city

Hitting the streets is a great way to see what everyone else is wearing today. Doing some people watching can help anyone find new ideas and get a better idea of what is most popular this season. Those looking for fashion inspiration can spend an afternoon in a coffee shop that overlooks a busy street admiring everyone who walks in and out to find what outfit ideas they may have been missing out on.

Watch a guilty pleasure TV show

Watching a Cable Vision TV show is a great way to not only relax, but also to find some new outfit ideas. Anyone can watch a reality TV show or another guilty pleasure show to see what the celebrities love to wear today. These exact outfits might not be in the right price range, but the ideas can help anyone replicate a great outfit in their own price range.

Check out a style website

Every fashion magazine now has a website that anyone can utilize to find out all the latest trends in fashion. Clicking through these websites is a great way for anyone to catch up on the latest Hollywood gossip and find out what they are wearing today. Many websites also provide links to the sites where people can buy some of the fashion’s featured on the site, so anyone can easily create an outfit that will be an instant hit.

Hit the stores

Once a person has exhausted all other resources and still feels inside a fashion rut, the best way to find some new fashion inspiration is to hit the stores. By scanning the racks and finding out what is most popular in stores today, anyone can begin to craft a look that is uniquely their own. Department stores with a lot of selection are a great place to start. Thrift stores can also be a good option to find more unique and original looks that not only have lower price tags, but also that would not be in the department stores currently.

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Sharing my recent VS shopping!

I only paid $64 for everything!!!

I only paid $60(ish) for everything!!!

I received my $10 reward coupon a few weeks ago and since I have other coupons that need to be redeemed I decided to go to Victoria Secret to make some purchase. I wanted to give bras to my oldest sister and mom; I took advantage of the savings I could possibly get that day. I found out that mom’s bra size is difficult to find with the victoria secret brand, they do have her size however but the price is on regular. I have no choice but take it since the quality and style suits my mom’s taste. The bra costs $45(ish) each so I went ahead and bought 2 for my sister and her (I have $20 coupons). The great thing about VS is that they have great marketing that helps customer save some bucks. They offered a free scratcher when I buy 2 bras on regular price; accordingly I could win a jacket with hoodie, perfume or underwear guaranteed. I took that offer and won underwear ($14 worth). I got 2 (from scratcher and monthly freebies coupon) undies for free. I paid a total of $60(ish) after the coupons and I saved $34 that day and got another coupons for more savings on my next purchase including the $10 secret reward and a sample of their perfume.

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