Smart Weigh Bathroom Memory Scale – Silver Review

Smart, smarter, smartest! Well, speaking of “smart” I have to let you guys know that I recently received the smartest silver bathroom scale ever. I super love it. It features the coolest functions that not many bathroom scales offer in the market these days. Unlike my old bathroom scale this Smart Weigh SMS500 Digital Bathroom Scale gave precise readings immediately and believe it or not its memory can store up to 8 users, which is amazing. Right? I have not heard of any bathroom scale that does this until right at this moment.

Multi-color motivational backlights

Multi-color motivational backlights

Once my weight is recorded and my own profile is created information will appear the next time I weigh myself. It automatically recognizes each user and updates its information and that’s when the screen backlights changes from blue to green/red letting user know whether his/her current weight decreases or increases their previous weight reading. These colors can be an incentive to users like me especially when I have a goal of losing weight, which is a no brainer because we pretty much all wants to shed those extra baggage that we have been carrying around for years. Am I right? We want to see the green backlight lit up each time we step on this scale! This bathroom scale definitely offers an easy way of tracking our weight results from our previous weighed-in just by looking at the screen color displays.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.56.52 AM

My 5 year old daughter weighs 49.2 lbs now!!!

Weight units can be adjusted too, if I want the screen displays my weight in lbs. or in kg. All I have to do is press the UNIT key located on the bottom of the scale. By the way, the capacity of this scale is 440lbs / 200kg / 31st: 6 lbs. One thing for sure is that this scale is very “techy” and innovative and very durable too. The box comes with 4 x AAA batteries and it has instructions too. It is also available in Black. I should say everyone must have it!!! Thank you so much Smart Weigh Scale for the opportunity of having one of your excellent product. Click HERE for purchase.

Disclaimer – Product(s) received for FREE, contents are 100% mine and I am not paid to give my honest opinion…

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Our Grand Canyon, Arizona tour

Entering Arizona

Entering Arizona

We drove 4 hours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon but it was kind of disappointing because we didn’t see much of the park’s beauty. We supposedly went there to see the astonishing rock formations but instead we were welcomed with a snowy stormy weather. We would have more time exploring Las Vegas and not wasted our time driving up there had we listened to the weather forecast and hid from the advice given at the time.

Happy face/loving the snow

Happy face/loving the snow

My children enjoyed the snow in spite of everything, which made the trip a little bit of excitement. We haven’t gone to a snow adventure for quite awhile now that’s why the kids had a lot of fun when they saw the snow. It wasn’t just a regular snowfall but it was hard because of the wind and bitterly cold for at least 5 minutes when we got there. I should’ve taken pictures of it but it was the last thing in my mind, all I thought was sought shelter for our safety. We will definitely go back and make sure the sky is clear and of course check the weather forecast ahead of time before deciding to book for our tour. My daughter in the picture was in the museum and if not that foggy we would’ve been seeing the rocky mountain right there. Better luck next time, should I say!

Entrance of the Grand Canyon History Park

Entrance of the Grand Canyon National Park

In the Museum and zero visibility. Can't see the mountain!

In the Museum and zero visibility. Can’t see the mountain!


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MeasuPro BPM-80A Blood Pressure Monitor Review

I’ve been meaning to purchase a blood pressure monitor because the one’s I have is already acting up and it wont give me the correct blood pressure readings. I think every household should own one for convenience of monitoring our health on a regular basis and because it eases our mind knowing that our blood pressure is normal. I constantly worry about my health, which is not good because it can just lead into something unpleasant “health-wise”; I often check my blood pressure with my husband’s help.

MeasuPro Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

MeasuPro Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Just before I thought of going to the pharmacy to get a blood pressure monitor, I happened to checked at the amazon website and saw lots of choices but this MeasuPro BPM-80A Blood Pressure Monitor looks cool among all of them and digital too. I read some reviews of it and it sounds pretty convincing. How timely it is when I found out that they were looking for reviewers to try their product. I undoubtedly applied and fortunately I got approved. They sent the item in less than a week and I am definitely happy with it. First, it arrived sooner than I thought and second, this product is really awesome. I don’t have to ask help from my husband to check on my blood pressure and it’s really easy-to-use. It’s very innovative because its features are comprehensive.  It’s automatic and what I love about it the most is that it comes with a graphical hypertension level bar display, which tells me when my blood pressure is normal, Pre-hypertension, Hypertension Stage 1, Hypertension Stage 2, or in Hypertensive crisis. All I have to do is set it up and press the button; it also gives a very accurate measurement. I really love it so much and I think it will be a great addition to my health tools. By the way, the batteries (4 AAA) are already included in the box and it came really handy. Thank you so much for this cool product!

You can buy it on Amazon, arm cuff sizes are available from medium to large.

Disclaimer – Product(s) received for FREE, contents are 100% mine and I am not paid to give my honest opinion…

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iPhone 6 plus & Backpack (uuberstore) review

Hi friends how are you today? I know it’s been awhile I haven’t had any product reviews and I’m certain that you are looking forward to seeing new reviews in this blog. Well good news, recently I have contacted by an advertiser ( from asking me to review their products, I checked what they had to offer and I was ecstatic because it was the product that I have been looking for. I have an iPhone 6 plus and I wanted to try their phone cases. I also love their premium backpack, it looks so neat and I wanted to have one of their collections. I requested an iPhone case and a backpack, which they gladly offered to me for review. First and foremost I would like to thank Mr. Jimmy for being so kind, generous and very accommodating in accepting my request. He rocks! I’m pretty sure that that’s one of the reasons why their business is successful because they handle their clients well and assist their need to our satisfaction.

Made with ballistic nylon, tons of thoughtful storage.

Made with ballistic nylon, tons of thoughtful storage.

He sent the items I’ve requested in a week after the approval and as soon as I opened the box and saw their products I knew that the quality is way excellent. The premium backpack is so sturdy, durable and it has a lot of compartments and some are expandable too where I can put all my stuff. This is really perfect for any students. My 3rd grader loved it too and he wanted to use it for school. I told him he could use it when he will be in 4th grade, which will be this school year. He can’t wait! Well, not only students can use it but hikers, campers or for any other regular activities too. I personally am a backpack person. I am more comfortable with backpacks and I can surely use it for my everyday activity. I can store my tablet or laptop in it and other accessories too. The fabric is nice and it’s light, which is very cool. You would think that this backpack looks bulky and heavy but it’s not. It has cushion or padding that gives support, protection and fatigue reduction while carrying your backpack. I love it and I highly recommend everyone particularly students to get one of this.

It has built-in kickstand, which I love the most.

It has built-in kickstand, which I love the most.

Their iPhone 6 plus case is really cool too. I love how smooth and chic their case is. It’s super slim and has an excellent grip in hand part to keep your hand from slipping while holding your phone. My friends saw it and they all love it. They wanted to get one and I told them to go to they can choose colors of their choice. What’s great about it is that it is inexpensive. For $29 that’s a steal of a deal. The quality is perfection for me. YOU should buy one too!

Disclaimer – Product(s) received for FREE, contents are 100% mine and I am not paid to give my honest opinion…

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Our Las Vegas vacation


It was another dream come true for my husband and me to be able to tour Las Vegas. We drove from San Diego to Las Vegas and it took us almost 5 hours to get there. It was fun though our body aches after a long hours of sitting. We left early morning making sure that we get there before noon and it was successful. There were few accidents along the way, which causes a little bit of traffic but other than that our trip was ok. We went a lot of places; we pretty much explored the city. We rode monorail and the tallest Ferris wheel around world; High Roller is what they call it.

High Roller

High Roller

Hitting the top would be 550 feet from the ground and it was a bit scary especially if you are suffering from acrophobia. It was early morning when we took the Ferris wheel so we can see how the entire city in daytime. We took lots of pictures of course. We also went to the stratosphere which has 113th floor levels and it was amazing and did it at night time to see the entire city lit up with all kinds of lights. We also dine at the finest dining restaurants, which were quite an experience because we never spend so much money for meals but once in awhile are ok. Oh boy! It will take pages if I will narrate every details of our vacation hehehehe.

Stratosphere Las Vegas

Stratosphere Las Vegas

But anyway, I will share some photos of our tour and hope you enjoyed it. I will share more of our experience in the next blog post I will be writing for. Thank you for stopping by and reading articles in this blog, I appreciate all your presence here.

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6 Tips on How to Get Out of a Fashion Rut

Fashion and style are the expression of a person’s personality, interests and ambitions. Having a great style means that a person is confident and ready for the next obstacle that may come her way. Great style, however, takes effort and inspiration. Everyone who wants to look their best every day will put some time into creating the perfect outfits. Because it takes effort and inspiration, many people can find themselves slipping into a fashion rut from time to time. They feel like they are wearing the same tired looks every day and do not feel as confident in the outfits that they put together. This is an unfortunate occurrence that no one should have to deal with for long. Everyone should feel comfortable and confident in every outfit that they put on. Here are six tips on how to get out of a fashion rut.

Watch a modern TV show for inspiration

TV shows and movies can be the perfect way to find new outfit ideas and stylish new ways to spice up a wardrobe. Finding a modern TV show to watch with Texas TV service from Direct TV can be a great way to find out what new styles are popular today and how everyday people can pull them off.

Change one piece of the normal outfits

Many people think that when they are in a style rut, they need to throw away their entire current wardrobe and start from scratch. Instead of wasting all their money on a new wardrobe, people can instead try to switch out one piece in all of their normal go-to outfits to make it look completely different. For example, women can wear heels with a traditional work outfit instead of flats.

Try a daring new color

This time of year is the perfect time for people to try a great new color that they may have been afraid to wear before. For example, instead of wearing an all black outfit, people can try wearing all white instead. These daring looks are sure to impress everyone and add new life to a dull wardrobe.

Only buy what you really love

Many people will try to buy some really trendy items when they are in a fashion rut, but will end up feeling unlike themselves when wearing those items. Everyone should think about what they are buying when looking into new trends. No matter if it is trendy or not, no one should buy something that they do not truly love.

Comb through Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great way to find new inspiration. However, many people make a Pinterest board full of outfits that they love but do not every look at those pins seriously. Going through Pinterest and actually choosing a few outfits to replicate can help anyone make a new wardrobe quickly.

Mix up typical outfits

There are a lot of ways that people can mix their normal outfits to make them look new again. Taking two outfits and switching a few of the pieces is the easiest way to break the fashion rut and make something new and beautiful.

6 Tips on How to Get Out of a Fashion Rut (2)

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Infographic: Social Work Career

Receiving an advanced degree in Social Work can lead to many exciting career opportunities. The skills you will learn will prepare you for many situations in the business world which include human relationship navigation, problem-solving, project development, and cultural insights, to name a few. Your work environment could range from your typical business office to schools, government agencies, non-profit agencies, and private agencies.

The infographic below describes in detail the different paths you could take with a social work degree as well as the possible types of projects involved and average pay rate for each one.

Online Social Work Degree at Case Western Reserve University

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A beautiful rainbow!

It was one cloudy afternoon when my kids, husband and I wandered downtown San Diego for our family bonding when we saw this bright and colorful rainbow. It was the most amazing sight I have ever seen at the time. The rainbow blanketed the entire view of seaport village and it was just awesome. Everyone was taking pictures of himself or herself and the rainbow was their background. We took advantage of the opportunity and got snapshots of it too. I even took a video of it. It was a very rare seen for me and it appeared to have double rainbow too. That really made my day and it was worth reminiscing for.


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Must-Have Items for Your Car: Emergency Supplies for All Weather Crises

Maintain Vehicles Year-Round

 Inclement weather can occur in any season, leading to dangerous situations while traveling in a vehicle. Drivers should prepare by having emergency supplies in their vehicles for short or long trips. Planning ahead of time can prevent life threatening health hazards on broiling hot summer days or during extreme snow blizzards in the winter. Maintain all your vehicles by making sure tires are inflated properly, belts are in excellent condition and the gas tank is full.

One: Flashlight and Batteries

Drivers and passengers need a source of light when a vehicle breaks down on the road at night or during a heavy rainstorm. Keeping a flashlight in a quick to access location such as a glove compartment is vital for several reasons. You may need to leave a vehicle that is sitting in the middle of the road quickly to get into a ditch when a tornado is on its way. Remaining in an unlit vehicle that is stuck in snow is deadly as other drivers are unable to see you. If you do not have a wind up flashlight, then also have fresh batteries available.

Two: Water and Food

Everyone should keep jugs of water inside a vehicle in case of an overheating engine, but this item can also save lives during weather emergencies while on the road. Imagine driving on a sweltering hot day on a country road and having a tornado zip through, leaving trees and power lines knocked down. If you have to walk for several miles for assistance without water, then this is a dangerous situation. At the same time, keeping a few nonperishable foods such as energy bars in a glove compartment is also essential.

Three: Blanket and Tarp

Keeping a waterproof tarp and warm blanket in a vehicle can provide protection inside a vehicle during a cold ice storm. A waterproof tarp is a good item to have to cover a vehicle to prevent broken windows from flying debris throughout a hurricane. When there is a tornado warning, you should park your vehicle and go into a nearby ditch to avoid danger. A waterproof tarp or blanket can protect you from becoming soaked with rain or cut with sharp particles of glass. If you are in a vehicle accident, covering an injured person with a blanket can help to prevent shock reactions from occurring.

Four: Snow and Ice Removal Tools

A driver should have snow and ice removal tools inside their vehicles at all times throughout the winter. Have several ice scraper tools made with short or long handles available in case one breaks. Buy spray deicer products to melt thick ice quickly that builds up on windows or locks. In addition to having a snow shovel at home, keep another one in a vehicle to remove large amounts of snow from under tires. Make sure that the windshield wiper blades on a vehicle are in good condition and working properly.

Travel with a Fully Charged Cellphone

Fortunately, communicating anywhere is easy by having a cellphone that is constantly charged in your vehicle. Before leaving home when bad weather is possible, discuss your travel plans with family or friends. This means that someone knows your driving route and time of arrival, leading to them notifying authorities if you are missing.


This contribution comes from KJ’s superstores. KJ’s helps travelers and vacationers with the supplies they need while on the road. Visit any one of their locations in Jackson, Logan, or Nampa, Idaho.

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Getting Familiar with Your Outdoor Lighting Options

Exterior lighting does not only add beauty to your landscaping; it increases security, as well. Whether your goal is to make sure you can walk safely to the door when you arrive home late, or bring your backyard to life at night for all your gatherings with friends and family, there is a lighting solution that is designed just for you. Getting familiar with your options will help you choose lighting that is most appropriate for your outdoor space and personal needs.

  • Flood Lights – Ideal for an entry, dark garage door, or stairway, flood lights really illuminate the area and increase safety. They should be positioned about 9 feet from the ground. Timers and motion sensors are options on them, too.
  • Path Lights – As their name implies, path lights should be placed along walkways. If you plan on putting a couple hammocks under that big shade tree out back, use these lights to create a path out there so you can go gaze at the starts after the kids go to sleep. If you do not have any hammocks yet, you don’t know what you are missing. You can find them online at websites like, and you will have the best nap of your life out there. You don’t even need two perfectly spaced trees. Many today have their own stand.
  • Post Lights – Classic lantern-like post lights are welcoming and create the perfect atmosphere. These lights are ideal along driveways and around pools.
  • Deck Lights – Deck lighting is surprisingly easy to install. It gets mounted right in your deck to illuminate stairs, railings and benches. Flush-mounted ones are also available that can actually be walked on without causing any damage.
  • Spot and Well Lights – These handy lights get installed around trees, shrubs, flowers, and ponds to highlight them at night. Don’t let the beauty of your landscaping fade into the night. These lights ensure the hard work provided by your green thumb can be appreciated all the time. They also give your landscaping a sense of depth. Weather-sealed ones cost a little more but they last significantly longer, which makes them well worth the expense
  • Decorative Lights – These are the finishing touches that make your property really special. From pagoda-shaped walkway lights to stargazing balls to solar string lights around the railing of your deck, there are countless options available to complement your outdoor living space beautifully.
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