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My recent photographed

I uploaded some latest photographs in my photography facebook fan page and here are some of the photos I took during our Disneyland California Adventure a few months ago. I hope you enjoyed and liked them. Feel free to hit … Continue reading

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What if?

My husband and I had wanted to buy our dream house but because of the expensive housing market here in California, we had to put it on hold until we are able to have two stable incomes coming in to … Continue reading

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Honeymoon stage

Here’s my male cousin and his gorgeous wife. This was days after their wedding. They invited closes friends to go swimming with them. It’ll be even more romantic if the pool has pentair pool light installed because it’ll create some wonderland … Continue reading

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It doesn’t come with it

When my husband purchased our surround sound system about a year ago, I really thought that he picked and bought the ones that come with an iPhone/ipod docks but it wasn’t. Too bad, I could’ve used it for my iPhone right … Continue reading

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No Disneyland for kids this spring breaks

We are so busy this week and we don’t think we can take our kids to theDisneylandas we promised them. We have our annual pass so we can pretty much go whenever we want but the kind of annual pass … Continue reading

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Thinking about it O-O

My husband and I had been thinking of enrolling into a fitness gym. We received a couple of ads from our local fitness gyms and we are trying to consider it for our own benefits. We thought if the gym … Continue reading

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Unexpected visitor

I was doing my online work when a sister-in-faith came knocking on my door. I was thankful that my house was clean at the time when she walked in. It was nice of her to visit us though. Since it … Continue reading

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Sense of humor

In a relationship/marriage it’s very important to have the so called “sense of humor”. We all love to laugh and it feels great to laugh with your husband. This morning when he gave me a morning hugs, I seriously told … Continue reading

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Blue Monday – World of Colors

Have you ever been to the Disneyland and California Adventure yet? If so, you can totally relate to my experienced. It was fun, wonderful and I have the say it’ was “amazing”. I love the water show and perhaps you too. … Continue reading

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Livelihood TV show

I was watching “kabuhayang Swak Na Swak” show this morning and they were featuring this metal business that is owned by an engineer and a fabricator. Accordingly, their company provides most of the metal structures and products in the entire … Continue reading

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