Diamond Veneer – Product Review

Everyone says that diamonds are women’s best friends. Do you believe on that phrase? I bet you do because I do too. The first time I received Diamond Jewelry was when I got engaged. It was really a special day for both my husband and me. Then we got married and have kids, my fingers size changed too. The ring I have can no longer fit in my finger and besides I lost the Diamond, which made me even sadder. My husband knows that I really want to have Diamond Jewelry and he promised to get me a real diamond. Well, I care less if it’s only fashion Diamond Jewelry because I know we can’t afford just yet to get the real Diamond.

 Regular price was $120 and since they were having 50%, you can buy this item for a special price of $60 only! 

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 11.51.31 PM

So anyway, I was browsing online for fashion jewelry when I stumbled at this website called Diamond Veneer (Made in the USA) and I couldn’t get my eyes off of those Diamonds in their website. I thought to myself, I got to have this. I went to their contact form and emailed them to let them know that I am so interested in their products, I requested if they could send me a product sample in exchange to product reviews. Gladly they agreed and sent me this beautiful and elegant looking 1.5CT Round Bail Pendant Diamond Veneer Jewelry and it’s in my favorite color too. I am so delighted to receive it and tried it on. It’s a very simple Diamond necklace yet it’s a gorgeous piece. Remember the saying that goes “simplicity is beauty”? This was it. I can surely wear this kind of jewelry for all occasions. I showed it to my husband and friends online and they love it too. I may not have real or authentic Diamond Jewelry but at least I can say I have Diamond Veneer that looks like a Diamond and sparkles like a Diamond. It is indeed pretty as the authentic one.

Disclaimer – Product(s) received for FREE, contents are 100% mine and I am not paid to give my honest opinion….

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26 Responses to Diamond Veneer – Product Review

  1. Gene says:

    Kind of sad that you lost your engagement ring. It would have been a great heirloom for your kids.

  2. lira says:

    It is gorgeous, momi!

  3. I’m so happy for you that you finally got your diamond. I’m sorry you lost your diamond from your engagement ring. My mom lost hers, and had to dig through a garbage can at our church.

    Thanks for this review. The pictures are beautiful!
    Elizabeth from Mom’s Thumb Reviews

  4. Jadey says:

    It looks very elegant! I would love to have one :)

  5. peachkins says:

    WOW! I love that Diamond veneer jewelry too! It looks so elegant!

  6. i also don’t own one, i would love to have especially if its free.

  7. You really are quite fortunate for having the chance to review this product. It is an elegant addition to any woman’s collection of accessories.

  8. Claire says:

    Wow, this is really nice, just hope to review this product too. Bongga!

  9. Wow! Ka-bongga ana nga product Jer! You are so lucky! That costs expensive I bet! Galante nga DA! :)

  10. Yay! Congrats Momi Jhey :-) the necklace is so beautiful :-) You are one lucky Mom to wear diamond jewelry :-)

  11. Shela says:

    Opps! kini ang imoderate lol… I like it a lot blue for me! Will check it out. And you are right diamond is women’s bff, i preferred them than pearls hehehe

  12. Shela says:

    I like this in this blue! Will check it :)

  13. Amanda C. says:

    How cute! Lovethe necklace!

  14. Katie Hale says:

    I would LOVE to have that necklace! I used to have several pieces made with pink ice. LOVE IT! :) Cool find!

  15. Tori says:

    Love this. I would take a purple…it’s nice and dainty!!

  16. Susan Bewley says:

    Wow! Isn’t that pretty! I love it!

  17. Ashley S says:

    Never heard of this company before, but that necklace is quite beautiful! Love the pink color :)

  18. melanie says:

    I have never heard of this but it looks very pretty/.Thanks for sharing.

  19. Kelly R says:

    This is so pretty. Thank you for the review..

  20. Annabelle says:

    Stunning! I absolutely love the color :)

  21. Interesting!! I never heard of diamond veneer. I am going to check out their site because I need two new sets of stud earrings! Thanks so much!

  22. Raya says:

    so cute! love the color and size as well.

  23. That’s pretty, my daughter calls that a pink diamond!

  24. dorry lyn says:

    lovely one.. you’re so lucky to have it for free.. and thanks by the way for this post it reminded me to posts reviews on the products received that still on my drawer heheh

  25. That is beautiful MommyJ! Lucky you to have it for free!

  26. allie says:

    Love the pink color