Shopping for Victoria Secret

I have a $10 reward coupon saved for my next purchase and since we were at the mall tonight to get my massage done I took advantage of stopping by at the store to check and get some goodies at the same time. As soon as I went inside the store I saw a lot of items on sale. It was like a crazy madness sale. They said that they’re having a-year-end sale and old products has to go this week. I was able to get a better deal. I purchased those mix and match items, 5 for $19.99 and since I have the $10 coupon that’s even better. I paid for the difference and it’s $10 something for these items. My total savings to my purchase was $61, amazing huh? I just love it because I saved more than I thought. I will bring these with me to PI soon, I already send the rest of my VS and it’ll get there before I arrive in PI.



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3 Responses to Shopping for Victoria Secret

  1. WOW you got a fantastic deal!

  2. Jennifer Woosley says:

    good deal. i haven’t shopped there in a while. looks like they have changed the bottles.

  3. Jessica P says:

    I love Victoria’s Secret body products! I see that some of their packaging has changed. I haven’t been in there in a while. I usually skim through without paying attention! I should probably take advantage of the sale they are having :)