Adventure Hats – Product Review

We live nearby the beach and this beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches found here in the Southern Part of California. Many tourists visit here especially during the sand castle competition. There are a lot of beach goers who go to the beach during the summer and even winters too. Whenever we go beach hopping I always wear my hat to protect my sensitive eyes from the sunlight. I wear hats pretty much everywhere if not an umbrella. So, when the Adventure Hat Company gave me the opportunity to review one of their gorgeous hat collections, I was ecstatic. They had me pick which hat I would like to review and I undoubtedly choose the Sheer Bliss Organic Raffia hat (comes with 5 different sheer scarf colors) because it’s so beautiful and I love how chic and classy it is. It’s gorgeously hand crocheted and trimmed with a pink sheer scarf and that’s what really caught my eye. It’s very comfy and the quality is excellent. The inner part of it has a tie band that can be adjusted for a perfect fit, which makes it even more amazing. And it’s organic, what else can you ask for?

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By the way, Cov-ver Deluxe made this hat and they give 5% to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This hat is not only gorgeous and fashionable with great quality but it’s also made for a cause too. So, it’s definitely worth buying !

Disclaimer – Product(s) received for FREE, contents are 100% mine and I am not paid to give my honest opinion….

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18 Responses to Adventure Hats – Product Review

  1. I dunno why but I really don’t look good in a hat! I have a big face man gud! LOL. Maybe I can try this one you got Jer! Basin angayan ra ko. LOL. I thought there is a giveaway, I was gonna join! :D

  2. You are so lucky to live near the beach. I mean that’s very relaxing and refreshing to be so close to nature.

    The hat looks so nice and girly. I love the pink ribbon not to mention its’ charitable cause.

  3. rc gweniful says:

    It must be so nice to live near the beach. You can go there anytime and not only on weekends and of course have a reason to wear hats. ;)

  4. what a lovely hat! and for a great cause too!

  5. Oh I like this hot so pretty…I like to have one similar of this hat mommy.

  6. claire says:

    These are really great for the summer. The color and the fabric is very nice.

  7. joy says:

    those are cool for the summer! It look so sassy to you mommy!!!

  8. Hyanne says:

    That’s a lovely and sassy hot, great choice ate. I love the color and the materials used.

  9. I like that, looks very beachie! PErfect for down here in the Sunshine State!

  10. adminjw says:

    mao? try email them again mami adin who knows they’ll email you back this time.

  11. That’s a lovely hat mommy Jhey. And it is nice they also support a good cause. I love the hat. Sayang wala ko nila pansina da nagsend ko ug email.. hahahaha…. :) I could surely use another hat. :)

  12. Kelly R says:

    I love the hat. So pretty.

  13. That is so pretty! Bet you loved when you got it!

  14. tatess says:

    Pretty hat, perfect under the sun. I like the style

  15. That is an adorable hat MommyJ, tamang tama for summer time.

  16. Marms says:

    Looks very durable. It’ll be perfect to wear on my summer vacation this year.

  17. Angel says:

    That hat looks very fab! Reminds me of summer by looking at it. I’m looking forward to summer. I’d prolly look for a hat like yours for this year’s summer. :)

  18. Arlene says:

    It’s a pretty hat! great for the springtime and summer. :) I hope it helped a lot the BCF.

    Happy new year, sis!