10dollarmall – Review

I have a favorite clothing store here in our place and when it comes to shopping for clothing, footwear, accessories and purses, I rarely go shopping online because I thought no stores can beat the prices that I’m getting from my favorite store and knowing that I still have to pay for the shipping fees made me think it’s not worth it, BUT I was wrong when I found out about the 10dollarmall online store that my friend had referred me to a few weeks ago. I was browsing on their website and they have a lot of fashionable and stylish shoes, clothing that are very affordable. As a matter of fact their prices were similar to the ones found at my favorite store.

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I love their stuff and I had to email their Company requesting them if they could send me a complete sample of their products in exchange for a product review. In my letter I enclosed my website and blog statistics including my social media sites. Gladly they responded to my email as quickly as I thought and I was so excited when they gave me the opportunity to be able to work with them. They gave me a $70 gift card and I was excited while choosing the items I want to review. I got 8 items for my kids, husband and I. To make a long story short, I received the items this afternoon and I love everything from the fabric to it’s fitting. I love my pants because it’s comfy and stretchable, most of the materials are 100% cotton, which is really great for that price. Anyway, I noticed something familiar. A tag, it was the clothing tag that reminds me of my favorite store. I checked online for the store location and guess what? The 10dollarmall online store and the Everything A Deal store are Sisters Company. That alone made me even more excited because that’s my favorite store where I regularly buy my clothes, footwear, accessories and even handbags. I have to say that this store is the best store ever because they are very affordable and offers wonderful products to their customers. I even recommend most of my friends and family to this store. Now that I have learned about 10dollarmall online store, I will share the good news to all my friends across the Unites States who were at once so curious at where I shop for my affordable clothes and do not have  access to in-store related company, I will refer them to this online store instead because they are just one Company.


This is their actual store I go to and it’s located at Chula Vista infront of Walmart. This photo was taken probably a year ago and I shared it to a friend online who were so curious at where I purchased my stylish dresses and etc… I shop at this store on a regular basis.

Disclaimer – Product(s) received for FREE, contents are 100% mine and I am not paid to give my honest opinion….

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23 Responses to 10dollarmall – Review

  1. Amazing online store, thanks for sharing.

  2. Working MAMA says:

    great store for those who loves shopping with minimal budget

  3. I definitely recommend this store to those shoppers who wants fashionable clothing and best price ever!

  4. Phebie says:

    there you are again 1 dollarmall! am here wishing that we could have one like that like a 100pesomall…:) for sure I could shop as many as I could!

    oh how I love ur daughter’s dress…so kikay!

  5. What really great selections and at $10 a piece you can get things for the whole family that’s fabulous.
    the jeans are cute.i swear they have a store in Las Vegas I shopped at when I visit my grandma

  6. 10 dollar mall seems like my kind of store!

  7. Jadey says:

    I love the 10dollarmall! I got so many cool things from them too!

  8. mitchelle says:

    Oh what a great deal. I particularly love the pink dress your lovely daughter is wearing.

  9. I am familiar with the 10dollar mall that you were referring to. My mom told me that she was also shopping good stuff there but she never mentioned about their online shopping. Thanks for the info and I will tell it to my mom who also live in United States.

  10. Looks like a great place to shop i will be checking it out im always on the hunt for great deals

  11. Absolutely great loot! Lucky you to have such nice products to review. I would check their site out. It looks like they have nice designs too.

  12. Nancy says:

    This looks like a great deal. I love finding stores like this.

  13. Kelly R says:

    Great price and I love your shirt…

  14. Brett says:

    Great pricing! I’ve never seen this store. I wonder if we have it in CT

  15. Liz says:

    Wow! those are gorgeous stuff from 10dollarmall. I love that store since they are inexpensive and gorgeous looking outfit.

  16. tatess says:

    That is one of the best deal store. Sadly, we don’t have 10dollarmall here. I am sure if they put one here in my place. it will be a big hit. I will add this on my pitch list, lol. thanks

  17. Wow, lahat meron hehehe. I love your princess’ get up. Mine did not arrive yet.

  18. how cool–I love a good price and value! thanks for sharing :)

  19. I have never heard of either store before, so I am going to have to check them out!

  20. Jaime Nicole says:

    Those are adorable! I can’t believe those cute outfits are only $10!

  21. I love your jeans, and your kids are adorable. I just went to their site and there is a 3% off promo-code, makes it even better.

  22. Anna says:

    Wow that’s awesome! I love love love that lion hat!

  23. Julie Jones says:

    I knew nothing of 10dollarmall. How neat about them being sister stores with your fav store! I plan on checking this site out. Thanks!