A cute dress


I saw this cute dress at my favorite clothing store yesterday. I was going to buy it but I decided not to since they don’t have size 4T, this dress was in size 3T. Well, this should fit my daughter don’t get me wrong but I want dresses that she won’t outgrow easily. I basically buy clothing for my kids that have an allowance when it comes to sizes that way they’ll be able to wear them for a little longer, which would be a money saver for me. I will try to go back to my favorite store maybe this weekend and see if they have new displas or at least added some new sizes. This dress would be so cute and perfect for our soon-to-be PI vacation. It is cute. Isn’t it?

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3 Responses to A cute dress

  1. claire says:

    I understand what you mean mommy, I also love to buy stuff for my kiddos that are over size. So that they can wear it longer. :)

  2. A beautiful dress . My daughter is very small so I usually buys the size that fits kids that are younger than her age..

  3. Tess says:

    that is a pretty dress, i love all the color combinations and the design. I also buy clothes one size bigger for my son so they wont outgrow them fast.