Want to learn how to play a brass instrument?



Learning how to play a brass instrument such as a trombone, tuba, or trumpet? It takes a lot of patience, time and effort to learn to play a brass instrument. I’ve learned that in most of the middle and high schools here in the states, they have school bands your child can enroll in if they are interested in learning to play a musical instrument such as a trumpet. Most of the middle and high schools you see here have football teams and wherever you see a football team, you will also have a marching band with all those brass instruments. They provide support and encouragement for the fans and team. It can be a lot of fun joining a band but it also requires dedication. In order to make music from a trumpet, you must first master the art of buzzing your lips on the mouthpiece. It is this vibration of the lips when entered into the mouthpiece amplifies the sounds which is the key to creating the tones of a trumpet. Also, the length of the pitch of the instrument controls the pitch of the sound and this is done by moving valves up or down. With hard work and endurance, your child can learn to play a brass instrument but it takes considerable time and this needs to be considered before buying an instrument.

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2 Responses to Want to learn how to play a brass instrument?

  1. joy h says:

    i love music too, although playing music is not one of my thing. But thanks to some idea of sharing some ideas/tips of sharing some of how to play brass.

  2. Alma says:

    I love music! This blog is very useful to me since my nephew is learning brass instrument. Thanks for sharing ideas.