Big ribbon

My daughter is funny. We went to my favorite clothing store last week, I wanted to get her new jacket because the one that she has is getting small already but unfortunately I was not able to find one since all the winter stuff were already put away at the time. I just wandered inside the store and I found this cute red ribbon. I showed it to my daughter and had her pick which one she would choose between that big red ribbon and the other one that has small ribbon. I was surprised when she picked this one; it just happened that I love it too. Well, regardless if she pick it or not I will still buy it because I love it and it’s only 99 cents so why not take it. Here we go, she wore it to our meetings that afternoon.

564713_450065955078217_290941493_nIt’s huge but it looks cute on her though!


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2 Responses to Big ribbon

  1. Haha, she reminds me of Thalia, you know that singer/artist? That only shows that you and your daughter have the same taste.

  2. Makoy says:

    The ribbon is too big but it does look good on her. Her big smile says she’s rocking it.