Diamonds are woman’s best friend

When my husband and I got married here in the states, I was really looking forward to having a diamond engagement ring because I never had one before. He bought me a real diamond ring but it was kind of small and I really wanted the big one. Time has gone by and my husband and I have been thinking about buying a new diamond ring for me. We always go to the shopping malls either in Chula Vista or in plaza Bonita and we always stop by to check out the latest selection of diamond rings in the jewelry stores. I think it was sometime last year we walked into a fancy jewelry store and we were just browsing around looking at the nice selection of diamond rings when a store associate asked us if we needed help.

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We told her we were thinking of buying a diamond ring. I have to say that while we were browsing thru the diamond ring selection, there were so many styles to choose from and they are all so beautiful it’s so hard to choose which one I prefer. We’ve shopped many different diamond stores and seen so many kinds of diamonds but then stumbled across this jewelry designer Mark Schneider I never heard of him or his jewelry before until now and now I’m having second thoughts about where to buy my diamond ring at. I’m now learning that he has earned numerous awards for his craftsmanship and unique way of designing jewelry from some of the most prestigious jewelry organizations in the world. Also he has been recognized in some of the most famous galleries and museums in the country.

Are you familiar with the Smithsonian institution? Well, some of his work has been displayed in this prestigious institute as well as the Gemological institute of America. H is jewelry design is truly a work art. Have you seen the Mark Schneider engagement ring at Whiteflash? Maybe on our next wedding anniversary I could have this ring. I know my husband wants to buy me a diamond ring but because we have more priorities that needs to be taken cared of at the moment, buying diamond ring will be put on hold until our budget permit us to get it. For now, I will have to bookmark this website and show it to my husband who knows he’ll find something he likes and he’ll get it for me in the near future. They actually have a lot of diamond rings that are affordable and my husband my consider getting it instead for now while saving for the big diamond purchase in the future. Every man knows how to tickle their wife and give them the smile they deserve and one way of doing that is buy giving diamond jewelries as a surprise gift.

You should check their website out and I’m sure you will find something that will interest you. Their diamond collections are very unique and captivating, for sure you will drool over it. Love their work of art!

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17 Responses to Diamonds are woman’s best friend

  1. I think every woman should have at least one piece of diamond jewelry..

  2. Andrea Smith says:

    Those diamonds are stunning. I bought our 3 ring wedding set online for like $300 and all it has are diamond flecks. I hate my materialistic side, but I have always wanted a gorgeous ring like that.

  3. Those rings are absolutely gorgeous! Love it! ;)

  4. Those are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Mel Cole says:

    Oh what beautiful selections of diamond rings! I bet he is a professional jeweler that’s why it’s expensive. Just love the selections you have here.

  6. Nova says:

    Indeed, I truly agree with you on this one here, i love the choices you’ve get. might have to save more money so i can afford one of this.

  7. Michelle G. says:

    Beautiful rings!!

  8. becca says:

    beautiful maybe one day i’ll replace my wedding ring and enagement ring i lost while in the hospital

  9. MzBaker says:

    Those are some beautiful designed rings. See I’m just the opposite I like a small little marquise cut stone gold, white gold or even silver

  10. sharon says:

    These are beautiful rings! Love that you all are being wise and not just buying because you want them! Way to go!

  11. sara says:

    what beautiful diamonds. I need to check out the website.

  12. bonnie holt says:

    love the rings. I will be checking out the site . I love jewlery.

  13. Nancy says:

    There are such beauties one day I’ll have one and then I can drool over it.

  14. Sarah Bailey says:

    Gorgeous rings – I’ve never heard of them before but I shall definitely head over to have drool ;) x

  15. Gene says:

    I love how simple yet elegant these diamond rings are. I do wish I could own one someday.

  16. Megan S says:

    Beautiful rings!!

  17. Oh I LOVE those rings, so so beautiful… heading to the site now. I REALLY need a new ring!