Little Miss Purple


It’s never too early to shop for summer outfit right? I went to the 99 cents store and found lots of cute hats for little girls and my daughter was giggling when she saw these purple hats. It is so cute on her. Isn’t it? I bought it for her and a white too. I can’t wait for her to wear it this summer. She loves purple. Can you tell? LOL!

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9 Responses to Little Miss Purple

  1. Jhady says:

    She is so adorable, the hat looks nice and if it’s only 99 cents you got a good deal on it

  2. Such a pretty little lady.:) She’ll make a great model someday.:)

  3. She is adorable. I love that her attire is very color coordinated.:) She sure loves purple.

  4. It’s never too early indeed in fact, it’s better to be early haha! She’s so cute. I can’t wait for more photos soon!

  5. Nita says:

    Pretty in purple! Sis Jhey, I went to the 99 cents store in California and bought a lot of craft supplies. How I wish meron din 99 cents store here in my area.

  6. Nova S says:

    that hat is so adorable, perfect for her outfit.

  7. chubskulit says:

    At ang galing magposing ha, fasinista na maganda pa!

  8. Sofia says:

    She looks adorable!! Such a little fashionista (love the skirt/dress!)

  9. becca says:

    omg what a cutie and that hat is to die for so cute