Shopping is my weakness!!!

I’m sure many of YOU out there can relate my weaknesses. I love shopping mostly for my kids clothing. I can see lots of cute clothes/outfit especially for my little girl and I can’t help myself but purchase it. I think the only thing that differ us is probably that you shop at the brand names store or stores like JC Penny, Target, and Marshalls etc… in my case, I love shopping at our local consignment stores like Goodwill and other thrifty stores nearby. Here are my latest purchased, cute tops and pants too. They look pretty much new, slightly worn and sometimes I find outfits that are never been worn and tags are still there. They are cute. Aren’t they? I would rather shop at goodwill knowing that kids will outgrow their clothes easily. Not only do I save money but I get nice stuff too.

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 1.59.27 PM

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7 Responses to Shopping is my weakness!!!

  1. When reading this I am reminded once again that one gir’ls trash is another girl’s treasure.

  2. That floral dress is really pretty! I love it and those prices… You’re the frugal queen.

  3. Jhady says:

    I am very frugal so I shop at Goodwill and any retail stores that has an affordable prices for clothing. Although I don’t shop a lot because I get dizzy looking for clothes lol. Your daughter looks pretty on her outfit also you got a good deal.

  4. Mommy Peachy says:

    Those are the cutest clothes!

  5. I do shop at Goodwill once in a while but I can’t take hubby with me, he hates it there.

  6. chubskulit says:

    I love the dress but such a steal for all of them! Great finds Mommy!

  7. Michele says:

    Children outgrow their clothing so quickly it makes sense to try and get the best buys you can. I do know people who have shopped at Goodwill and other consignment type stores and have gotten really nice clothes at phenomenal prices.