Have you tried menstrual cup?

Or should I say have you heard of it at all? Perhaps some of YOU may have but I am also certain that most of you have not, and it’s OK. I would like to share my experience with my readers out there on the first menstrual cup (moon cup) I’ve ever used. What makes me decide to try it? I normally have heavy menstrual flow and it get’s nasty when blood clots starts pouring out (please excuse my statement especially when you are eating), I waste a lot of menstrual pads. My work requires standing a lot and it hasn’t been easy for me during my monthly period and since I heard about menstrual cup and its positive reviews I gave it a try. It was uncomfortable the first two days; I felt the pressure around my uterus wall when I’m laid down and with the stem uncut it made it even pricklier. After cutting the stem all the way I feel better. I don’t have to worry about removing it even without the stem because it has a grip where we can hold on to and just a little push it will come out easily. I’m glad I have it, since then I don’t wear pads anymore. Using this eco-friendly and reusable plastic cup helped me save money and it’s easy to clean too. The key is to insert it the right way, which you will learn after a few days of using it. Following the instruction carefully is definitely a must. YOU should get one for yourself too!

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5 Responses to Have you tried menstrual cup?

  1. adminjw says:

    It actually comes into sizes that you think fits you. When it’s not placed right basically the body pushes it out but you can always fix it to avoid leakage.

  2. Does your body try to push it out. I have that problem with tampons. My body will push a tampon out after a couple of hours, no matter what flow I’m having that day.

  3. I heard about it but I don’t think I’d be comfortable to use it .

  4. Jhady says:

    I wonder how this one looks like. I have never tried or heard it before but I am curious. I am gonna google it and see how it looks like

  5. Sharon Phillips says:

    I am glad that it works for you. I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Thank Goodness. I was always a tampon wearer and hardly ever used pads except after babies. I don’t know if I would like to put something like that in.